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                     o Oceanside, New York Detailed Profile - city-data.com
                            o 11572 Zip Code Detailed Profile - city-data.com
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                     o ANCHOR - Town of Hempstead
                     o BOCES, Nassau
                     o CHADD of Nassau County
                     o Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation
                     o Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged - Mitchel Field
                     o Long Island Advocacy Center
                     o Long Island Blues - Ice Hockey for Children and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities
                     o Rebecca Center for Music Therapy, The
                     o Surfer's Way: Special Needs Surfing, Long Beach, NY
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       o You Are Not Alone
o Welcome to Holland
              o You Are Not Alone: For Parents When They Learn That Their Child Has a Disability
              o The Unplanned Journey: When You Learn That Your Child Has a Disability
              o 20 Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear
              o Developmental Delays
                     o @Developmental Disability - Wikipedia
                     o Developmental Delay | My Child Without Limits
                     o Developmental Progress Chart - Dept of Ed
                     o Facts About Developmental Disabilities - CDC
                     o Hallmark Developmental Milestones - firstsigns.org
                     o Recognizing Developmental Delays in Children - WebMD
                     o Red Flags: Concerns About a Child - FirstSigns.com
                     o What Causes Developmental Delay? 16 Possible Conditions
              o Early Intervention
                     o @Early Childhood Intervention - Wikipedia
                     o Early Intervention (Part C of IDEA) - Wrightslaw
                     o Early Intervention Program - New York State Department of Health
                     o First Steps for Parents When School Problems Are Observed - LDA of America
                     o How to Best Support Your Child - Parents and Early Intervention
                     o Including Your Child: Table of Contents - ed.gov/pubs
                     o Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities Ages 3 - 5
              o About Special Education
                     o @Special Education - Wikipedia
                     o @Special Education in the United States - Wikipedia
                     o A Parent's Introduction to Special Education Services - livestrong.com
                     o Entering Special Education - nolo.com
                     o FAQ About Special Education Services - KidSource.com
                     o Free Appropriate Public Education - Wikipedia
                     o Frequently Asked Questions about Special Education - Wrightslaw
                     o Questions Often Asked About Special Education Services - parentcenterhub.org
                     o Who's Teaching Our Children with Disabilities?
              o Assessments
                     o Glossary of Assessment Terms - Wrightslaw
                     o Measuring Progress - Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate and Attorney - Wrightslaw
                     o NY State Alternate Assessment Home Page
                            o Testing Accommodations:OSA:NYSED
                            o NY State Alternate Assessment for Students with Severe Disabilities
                     o Special Education Assessment - About.com
                     o Testing Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities - ets.org
              o IEPs
                     o @Individualized Education Program - Wikipedia
                     o Determining Measurable Annual Goals in an IEP - naset.org
                     o Goals and Objectives, A Tactics and Strategy Session about IEP - WrightsLaw.com
                     o Guide to the Individualized Education Program - OSEP
                     o How to Know if Your Child’s Making Progress toward IEP Goals - SchwabLearning.org
                     o IEP Cycle, The - FamilyEducation.com
                     o Practical & Legal Guidance for Parents re Your Child's IEP - WrightsLaw.com
                     o Preparing for the IEP Meeting - Nolo.com
                     o Real Guide to Surviving Individual Education Planning (IEP) Meetings, The - ParentPals.com
                     o Special Education Law & the IEP - Nolo.com
                     o What to Include in an IEP - FamilyEducation.com
              o Inclusion
                     o @Inclusion - Wikipedia
                     o Benefits of an Inclusive Education: Making It Work - KidSource
                     o Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in Regular Classrooms
                     o SERI Inclusion Resources
              o Least Restrictive Environment
                     o @Least Restrictive Environment - Wikipedia
                     o Least Restrictive Environment Implementation Policy Paper - NYSED.gov
                     o Least Restrictive Environment/Inclusion Index Page - Wrightslaw
              o NYS Resources
                     o Family to Family Resources NYS disAbility Agencies

       o Advocacy
o AAPD American Association of People with Disabilities
              o Advocacy Articles - Wrightslaw.com
                     o Advocacy 101
                     o Seven Steps to Effective Mediation
              o Council for Exceptional Children
                     o Contact Elected Representatives - CEC
              o Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
              o Guides and Resources - Advocates for Children of New York
              o How Can I Find an Educational Consultant? An Advocate? An Attorney? - Wrightslaw
              o National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education - NAPCSE
              o National Center for Learning Disabilities
              o National Organization on Disability, The
              o National School Boards Association - Advocacy
              o NYLN - National Youth Leadership Network
              o PACER Center - Champions for Children with Disabilities
              o Special Ed Advocacy - FamilyEducation.com
                     o Communication and Letters
                     o Mistakes People Make
                     o Nine Rules of Thumb
              o Special Education Lawyers: Do You Need One? - nolo.com
              o Sprout Film Festival

       o Awareness
              o Famous People with Disabilities
o Famous (and not-so-famous) People with Disabilities - DisabilityHistory.org
                     o Famous People Who Stutter
                     o Famous People with Disabilities - Center For Disability Information
                     o Famous People with Disabilities - disabled-world.com
                     o Famous People with Dyslexia, Other LD and/or AD/HD - greatschools.net
                     o Famous People with Epilepsy
                     o Well-known Autistic People
              o History
                     o 25 Year History of the IDEA - ed.gov
                     o Chronology of Education Policy, 1944-2002 - sifepp.nysed.gov
                     o Disability History Museum - disabilitymuseum.org
                     o Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement, The - University of California, Berkeley
                     o Disability Rights Chronology - dlc-ma.org
                     o Disability Rights Movement, The - Smithsonian Institution
                     o Disability Social History Project - disabilityhistory.org
                            o Disability History Timeline
                     o Federal Education Legislation Timeline
                     o History of Developmental Disabilities, Parallels In Time
                     o History of the ADA: A Movement Perspective by Arlene Mayerson (1992)
                     o Museum of disABILITY History, The
                     o Wikipedia
                            o Disability Rights Activists, List of
                            o Disability Rights Movement
              o Miscellaneous
                     o ABILITY Magazine
                     o Active Living Magazine
                     o Audacity Magazine
                     o Best Buddies International
                     o Disability Etiquette Handbook
                     o Disability Scoop - Developmental Disability News
                     o Films Involving Disabilities
                     o Guide To Fire Safety For People With Disabilities - Home Security List
                     o Kids on the Block, The
                     o Movies Featuring Characters with Disabilities
                     o Myths and Facts About Workers with Disabilities - U.S. Dept of Labor
                     o Physically Challenged TV Characters - TVAcres
                     o Ragged Edge Online
                     o Substance Abuse Among Physically Disabled Individuals | Sunrise House
                     o Wheelchair Etiquette - WheelchairNet.org

       o Disabilities, Types of
              o @Conditions / Disabilities / Disorders
o Brief Introduction to Disabilities (Major Disability Groups ) - trace.wisc.edu
                     o Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Diseases & Conditions
                     o Cerebral Palsy Guidance | Answers and Assistance
                     o Cerebral Palsy Guide - Your Guide to Cerebral Palsy
                     o ClinicalTrials.gov - Information on Clinical Trials and Human Research Studies
                     o Disabilities - parentcenterhub.org
                     o Diseases & Conditions - clevelandclinic.org
                     o Healthy Hearing
              o Addiction
                     o DrugRehab.com - Addiction, Drug Rehab & Recovery Resources
                            o Parent's Guide: How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs & Alcohol
                            o Teen Substance Abuse & Addiction: Warning Signs & Effects of Using
                            o Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder & Substance Abuse
                     o Telltale Symptoms Of Children Using Drugs - Detox Centers & Drug Rehabs
              o Attention Disorders (ADD & ADHD)
                     o About.com - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
                     o ADD - Answers.com
                            o ADD vs ADHD - ADD.Answers.com
                            o Expectations - ADD.Answers.com
                            o Succeeding in School with ADHD - ADD.Answers.com
                     o ADDA
                     o ADD-ADHD.org
                     o ADHD - LivingStrong.com
                     o ADHD - NIMH.gov
                     o ADHDNews.com
                     o CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
              o Autism
                     o 101 Noteworthy Sites on Asperger’s and the Autism Spectrum » PhD in Special Education
                     o AHA/Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association
                     o Autism Information Center - Center for Disease Control
                     o Autism Research Institute - autism.com
                            o Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome - autism.com
                     o Autism Society of America
                     o Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
                     o Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) - National Institute of Mental Health
                     o Autism Today
                     o Center for Autism and Related Disorders - CARD
                     o Center for the Study of Autism - Autism.org
                     o ClinicalTrials.gov - Autistic Disorder
                     o Interventions and Strategies for Success
                     o TEACCH Autism Program
              o Learning Disabilities
                     o Different Types of Learning Disabilities - disabledtravelers.com
                     o Early Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities - ReadingRockets.org
                     o LD Online
                            o ABCs of LD and ADD, The - Learning Disabilities OnLine
                            o Educators
                            o LD Resources
                            o LD Topics
                            o Parents
                     o Learning Disabilities - LivingStrong.com
                     o Learning Disabilities Association of America
                            o For Parents - LDA of America
                            o For Teachers - LDA of America
                            o Symptoms of Learning Disabilities - LDA of America
                     o Learning Disabilities: Glossary of Some Important Terms - kidsource.com
                     o Navigating Learning Disabilities and the Cost for Treatment - The Simple Dollar
                     o Parent's Guide to Helping Kids With Learning Difficulties, A - SchwabLearning.org
                     o Rick Lavoie - Articles and Essays re Learning Disabilities
                     o SERI Learning Disabilities Resources

       o Finances / Estate Planning / Guardianship / SSI / Tax Tips
              o Estate Planning
o Estate Planning - Overview Of Estate Planning Issues - 1
                     o Estate Planning - Overview Of Estate Planning Issues - 2
                     o Merrill Lynch Special Needs Calculator
                     o NAMI - SNEP Guidance System
                     o NYSARC Trust and Trust Services
              o Financial Guides
                     o Disability.gov’s Guide to Financial Help for Low-Income Individuals & Families - Disability.gov
                     o Home Ownership for People with Disabilities | The Simple Dollar
                     o Individuals with Disabilities - Individual Grantseekers
                     o Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities
              o Guardianship
                     o NYSARC :: Guardianship Services
                     o Surrogate's Court Forms
              o SSI Benifits
                     o Benefits for People with Disabilities - ssa.gov
                            o Social Security - The Red Book - Our Disability Programs
                            o Social Security Disability Benefits - Online Application Information
                     o Social Security Disability Guide - Social Security Advocate Group
                     o Social Security Disability SSI Benefits - disabilitysecrets.com
              o Tax Tips
                     o 5 Tax Deductions & Credits For Special Needs Families | Friendship Circle -- Special Needs Blog
                     o Special Needs = Special Tax Awareness - Tax Tips Article - Child Care Provider Tax Preparation,
                     o Tax Benefits for Disabled Taxpayers
                     o Tax Strategies for Parents of Kids with Special Needs - Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)
                     o Tax Tips for the Legally Disabled - TurboTax® Tax Tips & Videos

       o Government, Federal
o Resources for Students with Disabilities | OnlineColleges.net
              o @Disability.gov
              o Department of Homeland Security
                     o Disability Preparedness - Disability.gov
                     o Disabled and Special Needs - Ready.gov
              o Dept of Education
                     o Office for Civil Rights
                            o Civil Rights of Students With Hidden Disabilities and Section 504, The
                            o Complaint Process, Office of Civil Rights
                            o Disability Discrimination: Overview of the Laws
                            o Protecting Students with Disabilities
                            o Questions and Answers on Disability Discrimination under Section 504 and Title II
                            o Student Placement in Elementary and Secondary Schools
                     o Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS)
                            o Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
                            o National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)
                            o Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)
                     o My Child's Special Needs, Parent Resources - ED.gov
                     o National Council on Disability (NCD)
                     o No Child Left Behind - ED.gov
              o Dept of Health and Human Services
                     o Administration on Developmental Disabilities
                     o Centers For Disease Control & Prevention - Disability and Health Team
                     o National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
              o Dept of Housing and Urban Development
                     o People with Disabilities
                            o Disability Rights and Resources
              o Dept of Justice
                     o ADA Home Page - Americans with Disabilities Act
                            o Guide to Disability Rights Laws, A
              o Dept of Labor
                     o Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)
              o Dept of State
                     o Disability Rights
              o Federal Communications Commision
                     o Disability Rights Office
              o U.S. House of Representatives
                     o Search "Special Education"
              o U.S. Senate
                     o Search "Special Education"
              o White House, The
                     o Search "Special Education"

       o Government, New York State
o NYSED: State Education Department
                     o NYSED: Office of Special Education
                            o Alternate Assessments (NYSAA):OSA:P-12:NYSED
                                   o State Assessment Information:Special Education:VESID::NYSED
                                   o Test Access and Accommodations Guidebook
                            o Approved Schools
                                   o Special Schools, Approved (Long Island) - VESID
                                   o Preschool Special Education Programs
                                   o Private, Special Act, State Operated and State Supported Schools
                                   o State Operated Schools
                            o Effective Practices in Special Education
                            o Help For Parents
                                   o Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities Ages 3-5
                                   o Parent's Guide to Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3 - 21, A
                                   o Rights for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Ages 3-21 (Procedural Safeguards Notice)
                                   o Special Education Mediation
                            o Parents Guide to Resolving Concerns About Your Child's Special Ed Services
                            o Performance Plan, Special Education State
                            o Policy, Special Education
                            o Publications, Special Education
                                   o Topical Listing of Special Education Publications
                            o Regulations on Special Education - Part 200 and 201
                     o Board of Regents
                     o Education Statistics for New York State
                     o Office of Counsel
                     o Office of State Review
                            o Appeals Process Overview
                     o Parent and Student Resources
                     o VESID - Acces-VR - Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities
              o OPWDD: Office of People with Developmental Disabilities
                     o Agency Overview | OPWDD
              o NYS Justice Center For the Protection of People with Speciial Needs
                     o Frequently Asked Questions - Justice Center | NYS Justice Center
                     o Laws | NYS Justice Center
                     o Regulations | NYS Justice Center

       o Laws, Federal & State
              o Federal Law
                     o @Wikipedia
o United States Education Case Law
                            o United States Federal Education Legislation
                     o 1973 - Rehabilitation Act 1973 (Section 504)
                            o @Wikipedia - 1973 Rehabilitation Act
                            o Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities
                            o Protecting Students with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 - LD OnLine
                            o Section 504 - Civil Rights Law, Protection from Discrimination - Wrightslaw
                     o 1974 - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
                            o @Wikipedia - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
                            o Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act - deltabravo.net
                            o Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 - ed.gov
                     o 1975 - Education for All Handicapped Children Act
                            o @Wikipedia - Education for All Handicapped Children Act
                            o EHA - Education for All Handicapped Children Act
                            o Public Law 94-142 (S. 6); Nov. 29, 1975
                     o 1990 - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
                            o @Wikipedia - Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
                            o ADA Regulations and Technical Assistance Materials - Dept of Justice
                            o Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - JAN's ADA Hot Links
                                   o ADA A Brief Overview
                                   o ADA Handbook
                                   o ADA-Related Supreme Court Rulings
                            o Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V
                            o Facts About the Americans with Disabilities Act
                            o Remarks of President George Bush at the Signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act - eeoc.gov
                     o 1990 - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
                            o @Wikipedia - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
                            o IDEA 1997
                                   o Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
                                          o Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - The Law
                                          o Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - The Regulations
                                          o Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Letters of Clarification
                            o IDEA 2004
                                   o Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 - ed.gov
                                   o Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 - Wrightslaw
                                   o What is IDEIA? The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004
                            o Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - CEC
                            o What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) | ADA National Network
                     o 2001 - No Child Left Behind
                            o @Wikipedia - No Child Left Behind Act
                            o Dept of Education
                                   o Choices for Parents
                                   o Elementary and Secondary Education Act (The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001), The
                     o Special Education Caselaw
                            o Important Court Cases in Special Education
                            o Recent Court Cases of Interest
                            o Special Education Caselaw - Law Library - Wrightslaw
                            o Special Education Law Supreme Court Cases
                     o U.S Supreme Court Opinions
                            o US Supreme Court Opinions - "Schools"
                            o US Supreme Court Opinions - "Special Education"
                     o Legislation for Individual with Disabilities (Public Laws)
              o NYS Education Law
                     o Education Law and the Regents - Board of Regents
                     o Education Laws of New York (EDN)
                     o NYS Assembly Bills - Special Education
              o General
                     o American Civil Liberties Union : Ask Sybil Liberty About Your Right to Equality in Education
                     o Comparison of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504 - dredf.org
                     o Discussion of Section 504, the ADA and the IDEA - WrightsLaw.com
                     o Federal Laws Governing Education for Exceptional Students - LiveStrong.com
                     o Legislative and Litigation History of Special Education (pdf) - FutureOfChildren.org
                     o Legislative History of Special Education
                     o Overview of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504 - ericdigests.org
                     o Overview of Special Education Law - nolo.com
                     o Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children with Disabilities - ericdigests.org
                     o School Law Issues - National School Boards Association
                            o Related to Special Education
                            o Student Rights and Discipline
                     o Section 504, the ADA and Education Reform by PEER - WrightsLaw.com
                     o Special Education and the Law - FamilyEducation.com

       o Miscellaneous
              o Accessibility in Schools
o Accessibility - Office of Space Planning - New York City Department of Education
                     o Accessibility - Wikipedia
              o Assistive Technology
                     o Apple Computer - People with Special Needs
                     o Assistive technology - Wikipedia
                     o Assistive Technology Solutions
                     o Budget-Friendly Smart Home Tech for Seniors & Individuals with Special Needs - HomeAdvisor
                     o Buying Assistive Technology: Everything You Need to Know
                     o DCMP - Described and Captioned Media Program
                     o Google Tools for Special Needs
                     o IBM Accessibility Center
                     o Infographic: K-12 Technology Usage - Education Week
                     o Microsoft.com - Accessibility Information about Microsoft Products
                     o Nuance - Accessibility - Dragon speech recognition software helps people with learning disabili
                     o Teaching With Tech: The Use of Technology in Special Education
                     o What You Should Know About the First Wheelchair - answers4families.com
              o Etc
                     o President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education Report
              o Special Ed / Disabilty Products
                     o 100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled - dealspotr
                     o Different Roads to Learning - Autism Education Tools, Autism Teaching Resources
                     o Dragonfly : Specials Needs and Universal Access Resource
                     o eSpecialNeeds | Special Needs Strollers, Toy and Adaptive Equipment
                     o Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities
                     o Sleep Products for People with Disabilities | Tuck Sleep
                     o Social Skills Training Videos & Autism DVD
                     o Special Education Products - ISER
                     o Special Education Products - ParentPals.com
                     o Toys & Games
                            o AblePlay - Play products for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs
                            o Amazon.com - Special Education
                            o FatBrainToys - Toys for Special Needs Children
                            o Playworks - Special Needs Toys
                            o Toys "R" Us - Differently-Abled Toy Guide
              o Special Needs Camps
                     o Special Needs Camps - NYSCDA
              o Sports and Recreation
                     o Adapted Physical Education
                     o Lose The Training Wheels
                     o Special Olympics New York
                     o Surfer's Way: Special Needs Surfing, Long Beach, NY
              o Travel Guides, Disability
                     o Disability Travel Websites - sath.org
                     o Disabled Travel Guide
                     o Disabled Travelers.com - Resource for accessible and disability travel information
                     o Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide | TripBuzz

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o CEC Today Online (Council for Exceptional Children)
              o Disability News: Stories, Events and Publications - Disabled World
              o Disability Scoop - Developmental Disability News
              o Disability.gov: Education: News & Events
              o Special Education News - Breaking News Pre-K through 12

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o BOTW Blog Directory > Special Education Blogs
                     o Disability Helper
                     o Education Blog | Special Education - Families.com
                     o Greg Cruey's Special Needs Education Blog
                     o Life That Chose Me, The
                     o Special Education Law Blog
                     o Special Education Law Blog: Special Education Law 101 - Part I
                     o Special Education Teacher in Washington DC
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                     o alt.education.disabled - Google Groups
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                     o Special Education Parents - Google Groups

       o Other Opinions (Alternate Points of View)
o Inclusion: Has It Gone Too Far? - Education World ®
              o Learning Disabilities: At the Crossroads
              o Mainstreaming Special-Ed Students Needs Debate - WSJ.com
              o Myth of the Special Education Burden, The - manhattan-institute.org
              o No Exit: The 'Black Hole' of Special Education by Linda Schrock Taylor
              o Overrepresentation of Black Students in Special Education Classrooms
              o Rethinking Special Education For A New Century - ppionline.org
              o Scandal of Special-Ed, The
              o Special Education — The Civil Rights Project at UCLA
              o Special Education Confidential: How Schools Use the "Learning Disability" Label to Cover Up Failures
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              o Special-Education Stigmatization - Forbes
              o When It's Your Own Child: Some Surprising Views from Parents about Special Ed

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o 75 Authors and Illustrators Everyone Should Know
                     o Book Search - Parents of Handicapped Children (Amazon.com)
                     o Kids' Top 100 Books - NEA
                     o Recommended Children's Books (Amazon.com)
                     o Teachers' 100 Favorite Books for Children - NEA
              o Children with Disabilities: Understanding Sibling Issues - athealth.com
              o Complete List of Free Things and Grants for Kids with Special Needs
              o Easing the Teasing® - Strategies for Kids and Parents
              o Exceptional Parent Magazine
              o FamilyEducation Web - LearningNetwork
              o Online Teen Safety Guide | StaySafe.org
              o Parent to Parent of New York State
              o Parenting Special Needs - About.com
              o Preparing Children with Disabilities for School - KidSource
              o Sibling Relationships: My Brother is Different - LearningDisabilitiesOnLine

       o Statistics
o Cornucopia of Disability Information
              o Disability in America Infographic
              o Disability Statistics - Online Resource for U.S. Disability Statistics
              o Disability Tables
              o Kids Count - track the status of children in the United States
              o National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Edu
                     o Children 3 to 21 years old served in federally supported programs for the disabled, by type of
                     o Children and Youth with Disabilities
                     o Early Childhood & Elementary/Secondary
                     o Number and percent of children served under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B
                     o Number of students with disabilities exiting special education, by basis of exit, age, and type
                     o Students with Disabilities, Inclusion of
              o New York State Education Statistics
              o Outlook for Teaching Students with Special Education Needs [Infographic] | Saint Joseph’s Unive
              o Statictics NYS College Enrollment
                     o Enrollment
                            o State Quick Facts
                            o Statewide Totals by Disability Category
                            o Enrollment of Students with Disabilities: Sector Totals, NYS
                     o Graduation Rates
                            o Students with Disabilities Statewide
                            o Students with Disabilities Sector
              o U.S. Census Bureau Disability Main
              o United Nations Statistics Division - Demographic and Social Statistics

       o Teachers Only!
o 27 Things to Do with Students Who are not Paying Attention
              o Classroom Strategies for Inclusion of Students with Communications and Learning Disorders
              o Educator's Reference Desk, The
              o Five Homework Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities - readingrockets.org
              o Graduate School Rankings: Special Education - USNews.com
              o Guide to Masters in Teaching Online Programs - mastersinteaching.com
              o Lesson Plan Ideas - Teachers.net
              o National Association of Special Education Teachers
              o Selected Job Profiles in Special Education
              o Special Ed News for Educators
              o Special Education Community - Education World®
              o Special Education Teachers - Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook
              o Success Stories
                     o Disability Success Stories -- Office for Civil Rights
                     o Find What Works: What Works Clearinghouse
                     o Success Stories - amazingkids.org
                     o Success Stories | Kids Enabled
              o Teaching the Art of Cooking to People with Special Needs

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o American Art Therapy Association
              o American Horticultural Therapy Association
              o American Music Therapy Association
              o American Occupational Therapy Association
              o American Physical Therapy Association
              o American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
              o Canine Companions for Independence

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o College Resources for Disabled Students: Best Colleges, Gov't Programs, Scholarships & Helpful Apps - dealspotr.com
                     o College Resources for Students with LD or AD/HD
                     o Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities - FinAid.com
                     o Guide for Online Colleges & Disabilities | Accredited Online Colleges
                     o NCCSD - National Center for College Students with Disabilities (NCCSD)
                     o Services for Students with Disabilities - nysed.gov
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                            o CUNY
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                     o Study and Work in the United States for People with Disabilities
              o National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
              o Transition from School to Post-School for Students with Disabilities - VESID
              o Transition Parent Briefs Publications - pacer.org
              o Transition Publications - pacer.org

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o 60+ Discounts, Health Care Resources, and Helpful Programs for People with Disabilities - dealspotr
                     o Center for Parent Information and Resources
                     o Cornucopia of Disability Information
                     o disABILITY Information and Resources
                     o Disability Resources - 1800wheelchair.com
                     o DMOZ.org
                            o Open Directory - Reference: Education: Special Education
                            o Open Directory - Society: Disabled: Children
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                     o About.com Special Education
                     o Alliance for Excellent Education
                     o CEC: Council for Exceptional Children
                     o Different with Dignity
                     o Disability.gov
                     o Disabled World - Disability News and Information
                     o Elementary Schools .org - list of private elementary schools and public elementary schools
                     o High Schools - public high schools and private high schools list
                     o IDEA Partnership
                     o National Rehabilitation Information Center
                     o NYS School Boards Association
                     o NYSUT - New York State United Teachers
                     o PTA.org
                            o NYS PTA
                                   o Nassau Region PTA
                     o Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc
                     o SERI: Special Education Resources on the Internet
                     o Special Needs Children - Articles and Advice
                     o SpecialChild.com
                     o Wrightslaw: Special Education Law & Advocacy